Purchase Guide Which cooler to cool your CPU?

Best CPU Cooler for i9 9900k

Purchase Guide Which cooler to cool your CPU?

The cooler is the essential component which allows to cool the processor. The block formed by the heat sink and the fan is often called a cooler (fan-heat sink). This fan makes it possible to accelerate the flow of air on the heat sink, and therefore to improve the heat transfer for good cooling.

At the base of the heat sink, you will find elements called “heat pipes”. The heat pipe is a means of conducting heat with its own speed and generally much greater than that of a metal by pure conduction. They are widely used to move the ventilated heat sink away to a more favorable space.

Watch the TDP

The TDP stands for Thermal Design Power and is a value expressed in Watt. You will find this measurement in the data sheets for 2 components, the Processor and the cooling system (CPU Fan / AIO Watercooling).The TDP indicates the thermal envelope and therefore which cooling system is needed to cool the chip. No more no less. A large TDP indicates a need for large cooling, a small TDP indicates a need for less cooling.

The Original Cooler On The Processors

Original Intel cooler The original coolers (Supplied in the box of the purchased processor) are correct for basic cooling (without overclocking) but at the expense of silence, which explains why they are replaced as much as possible by better ones. To be more precise, wear and tear will make them more and more audible even if you have a quality PC case!

Not to mention that the leeway for overclocking is zero, so it is better not to keep the base model and to invest a few euros in this component. We estimate that the minimum investment to change the cooler is 19 but this can go up to 80  for models allowing extreme cooling in the event of significant overclocking.Anyway, if you decide to stay on the original Best CPU Cooler for i9 9900k for budget reasons, we invite you to consider changing it after a year.

Rather inexpensive and offering excellent compatibility with its slim tower format, the new Shadow Rock also takes advantage of the latest Silent Wings revision to achieve a combination of performance and quiet operation. We appreciate the possibility of adding an additional fan.

A bit of technique: With an aluminum fin structure and 3 heat pipes 6mm in diameter, this cooler dissipates heat optimally. Supplied with a 92mm fan the Pure Rock Slim cooler can accommodate up to 2 fans for maximum dissipation. Thanks to a 92mm fan mounted on this cooler, the Pure Rock Slim offers excellent airflow and maximum silence. The exclusive design of its blades is optimized to deliver maximum airflow even at low speeds. It is also equipped with PWM technology allowing the rotation speed to be regulated as needed. The result is a very quiet installation, with a maximum sound volume of 25.4 dBA.

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